Provincial Sub Prior

E.KT David J. Satchwell, Provincial Sub-Prior

Welcome to the Warwickshire home of the ‘United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta in England and Wales and Provences Overseas’.

It is ‘United’ in that it brings together the Order of the Temple and the Order of Malta through three distinct and moving ancient ceremonies. As a Royal Arch pilgrim you are first admitted to the Degree of a Knight Templar, then at a later meeting as a Knight of St Paul before being welcomed into the Degree of Malta. I have no doubt you will enjoy each of these ceremonies and find in them a personally satisfying journey through the history and influence of our Christian story.

There are 15 Preceptories in the Province of Warwickshire, whom I am sure would welcome you either as a prospective member or as a visiting Knight. Please feel free contact one of the Preceptory Registrars or the Provincial Vice Chancelor to receive an explanatory booklet or DVD or arrange a visit.

The Provincial Priory of Warwickshire enjoys three special meetings each year;

  • In February we have the Provincial Malta Meeting where the new officers are installed and the ceremony of a Knight of St Paul and the Malta Degree are conferred on to nominated Knights Templar.
  • Provincial Priory meets in June, when the incoming officers are appointed and the Provincial Prior welcomes many distinguished guests before giving his annual address.
  • And finally in July, our annual Church Service at St Mary the Virgin Church at Temple Balsall. The Knights of the Province, in full dress, process into the Church under their Preceptory Banners to join their wives and partners for a traditional celebration of our faith and to receive an address based upon the Precepts of the Order.

We strive for a balance of formality and good ritual in our ceremonies but in particular a happy and caring time together.

We would be very pleased if you could join us in our journey through life.

E.Kt. David J. Satchwell, P.Gt.W.of R. Provincial Sub-Prior

May the Great Captain of Our Salvation watch over you all