Warwickshire Preceptory of Improvement

(Licensed under Statute 121 by the Provincial Prior)

E.Kt. David J. Satchwell, P.Gt.W.ofR.

Deputy Preceptor
E.Kt. Glyn D. Evans, P.Gt.W.of R.

Assistant Preceptor
E.Kt. Neil Murray, Dep. Prov. Mar.

Registrar & Treasurer
E.Kt. Michael S. Smith, Prov. Registrar

The Warwickshire Preceptory of Improvement exists to assist Preceptories and members of the order in all matters of ritual, drill and ceremonial. The Preceptor, Deputy Preceptor or one of the Assistants will upon request and subject to notice, attend regular meetings and rehearsals to assist and give instruction. All requests and correspondence should, in the first instance, be directed through the Registrar.

Preceptory of Improvement Festival

The 2022 Preceptory of Improvement Festival will be held at Alderson House, Warwick, when a demonstration of the Installation of a Knight into the Order of the Temple will be given.

Rehearsals in 2021 will take place on Sundays as follows; 19th September, 17th October, 21st November and in 2022; 16th January, 20th February and 20th March, all at Alderson House, Warwick, commencing at 9.30.a.m. prompt. A dress rehearsal will take place prior to the Festival being held, this will be followed by a luncheon for all those Knights taking part in the Festival, to which their partners are cordially invited.

All Knights of the Province, not just those below the ‘Chair,’ are welcome to attend any of the meetings and, if they wish, join the demonstration team.

On every rehearsal date advice on the ceremony of Installing the Eminent Preceptor / Prior will be available to any Eminent Preceptor or Eminent Preceptor elect who wishes to attend.

In addition, there will be information and guidance available for the Office of Marshal and Deputy Marshal.

Offices for the Festival will be allocated at the September Practice Meeting. However, should any knight be unable to attend on that occasion he can contact the Preceptory of Improvement Registrar to record his interest and preferred office.