Provincial Prior

R.E. Kt. Roger E. Dixon, Provincial Prior

Welcome to the website of The Order of Knights Templar for the Provincial Priory of Warwickshire. I hope you will find it informative, prompt you to look further and (if you are qualified,) perhaps join our wonderful Christian Order.

The history of the original Knights Templar who rode out on the Crusades is fascinating. We do not claim any direct lineage to those pious Knights, however we do believe that the tenets that underpinned their beliefs still have a place in modern society.

We try to live our lives according to certain precepts which are founded on the book of Ephesians, Chapter 6.

Like many who join a Masonic order, my initial interest was sparked by the enthusiasm of a fellow Brother (who subsequently proposed me.) After some further research I found that here was a group of fellow Freemasons who not only believed in the Christian faith but wanted to practice and keep alive those beliefs that enable all people, of whatever faith or belief, to live together in harmony.Mantle%20badge%20Warwickshire%202014%20-%20B-2

On joining the Order I was not disappointed. I found myself amongst like minded Brother Knights who profess their belief in the Christian ethic and directly support charitable giving. Their ceremony took me on a wonderful illustrative journey from being a humble Pilgrim to a committed Brother Knight. Their fellowship has been second to none.

So if you wish to enjoy the company of fellow Christian Freemasons in a friendly and relaxed family atmosphere, feel free to contact us.

R.E. Kt. Roger E. Dixon, Provincial Prior

May the Great Captain of Our Salvation watch over you all