Prov Priory of Warwickshire

Within Warwickshire we have 14 Preceptors, meeting in Birmingham, Knowle, Coventry, Warwick, Leamington and Nuneaton. The head of the order within the Province is the Provincial Prior and his Deputy is the Sub Prior. The Vice Chancellor manages the administration within the province. The provincial website is

Right Eminent Knight Roger Edward Dixon. Provincial Prior
Eminent Knight David J. Satchwell, P.Gt.W.of R. Provincial Sub-Prior


Prelate E.Kt. Denis A. Plater, P.Gt.W.of R.
Chancellor E.Kt. Peter H. James, P.Gt.Her.
First Constable E.Kt William E. Davies
Second Constable E.Kt Keith Marchington
Treasurer E.Kt. H. Andrew Warwick
Registrar E.Kt. Michael S. Smith

Vice Chancellor E.Kt. David Handley, P.Gt.A-de-C.
Marshal E.Kt. Andrew R. Timms, P.Gt.W. of R.
Deputy Marshal E.Kt. Ian D. Lawrence
Deputy Marshal Neil Murray

Almoner E.Kt. Trevor R. Scott-Worthington, P.Gt.A-de-C.
1st Herald E.Kt. Graham Eden
2nd Herald E.Kt. Denis A. porter
Standard Bearer (B) E.Kt. Robert Morris
Standard Bearer (VB) E.Kt. Christopher Hallam
Banner Bearer E.Kt. Brian Calcott
Sword Bearer E.Kt. Alan E. Steel
Aide-de-Camp E.Kt. Gary R. Boardman
Aide-de-Camp Bro.Kt. Alan H. Bush
Warden of Regalia E.Kt. William B. Sylvester P.Gt.St.B.(B.)
Captain of Guards E.Kt. John L Moore
Organist E.Kt. Dr. James F. Haughton
Guard E.Kt. Paul D. Sheldrick

The fourteen Preceptories in Warwickshire are encamped at most of the Masonic meeting rooms throughout the province. All meet on weekdays, usually three or four times a year.

Howe Beauceant Preceptory No. 67

Peter de Erdington Preceptory No. 229

Preceptory of the Holy Rood No. 293

Holy Trinity Preceptory No. 331

Temple Balsall Preceptory No. 340

Ascalon Preceptory No. 361

Phoenix Preceptory No. 448

Warwickshire Preceptory No. 458

St. Alphege Preceptory No. 529

The Abbey Preceptory No. 541

Praetorian Preceptory No. 565

Guy of Warwick No. 566

Omnis Sanctus Preceptory No. 662

The Preceptory of Light No. 689

Within Warwickshire, Knights Templar is an order in which we are encouraged to have fun and derive enjoyment from everything that we do and the company of our fellow Knights. As a smaller order than Craft and Chapter we thrive on the intimacy that this affords us. Many Knights are such regular attendees within the province that the lines between member and visitor become blissfully blurred very quickly. Friendships are quickly forged and seldom cast aside as some of our expatriate Knights will hopefully testify.

Provincial Meetings

The Annual Provincial Malta Meeting is held on the 2nd Saturday in February.

The Province holds an annual Preceptory of Improvement. Supported by Bro Knights from from around the Province, rehearsals take place prior the the annual meeting itself usually in April.

Our Annual Provincial Meeting is held in June when new provincial appointments and promotions are made. This event is hosted by the Provincial Prior, with many prominent visiting Knights from other Provinces in attendance. Following the meeting we are joined by our Ladies for a festive board.

We hold our Annual Provincial Church service on the 2nd Sunday in July at Temple Balsall. This is traditionally proceeded with a Luncheon with our Ladies and end with tea and cakes after the service.

Throughout the year the Provincial Prior, escorted by the Provincial Officers and the Provincial Priors Bodyguard attend Preceptories in the Province on official visits.

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